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Altair Reinvents the Cloud High-Performance Computing Experience with the Release of PBS Works 2018

TROY, Mich. – April 25, 2018 – Altair (Nasdaq: ALTR) is once again furthering its commitment to support the needs of the HPC community with the release of PBS Works 2018. Built around PBS Professional®, its core HPC workload manager and scheduler, the new PBS Works user environment streamlines enterprise access and management of on-premise and cloud HPC resources. The 2018 release introduces PBS Access, an intuitive portal environment for HPC users and PBS Control, an indispensable solution for administrators to manage and optimize HPC infrastructures with seamless cloud-bursting capabilities.

“PBS Works has become a key technology to increase productivity and reduce expenses for organizations around the world and across verticals,” said Bill Nitzberg, Chief Technical Officer for PBS Works. “Altair has carefully designed the new PBS Works 2018 suite to invite HPC users to an environment that is both user-friendly and powerful.”

PBS Works 2018 suite includes:

  • Performance, scalability and security advancements to PBS Professional, Altair’s industry-leading workload manager and job scheduler.
  • PBS Access, a new user portal environment providing intuitive, seamless access to HPC resources across the enterprise to run and manage HPC jobs, and remotely visualize results.
  • PBS Control, a new HPC infrastructure management solution for administrators providing a single pane view environment to configure, deploy, monitor, and troubleshoot on-premises and cloud HPC infrastructures. A powerful what-if simulator is also included with PBS Control for advanced capacity planning along with seamless cloud-bursting capabilities.

“We are pleased with the new unified user interface for the PBS Works Suite,” said Ramesh Krishnan, HPC Services at Orbital ATK. “The ability to monitor system status and jobs, configure queue and resource limits, and analyze past utilization from the same interface is a welcome enhancement.”

“A big part of this release is the ability for PBS Works users to accommodate their most challenging workload requirements by using PBS Control to deploy very seamlessly HPC infrastructures on the cloud,” said Sam Mahalingam, Chief Technical Officer for Enterprise Solutions at Altair. “As our customers make the transition to the cloud, these solutions will allow them to manage internal compute infrastructure and easily move workloads to and between different cloud providers to manage costs and throughput.”

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