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SolidThinking Evolves Hybrid Modeling Approach

Taken from DesignNews Which method is better -- parametric or direct modeling? It's been the longstanding debate in CAD circles, with parametric tools promising more intelligence and control over the process of building CAD models, while direct modelers claim an ease-of-use edge, allowing design concepts to flow right out of the gates without any constraints resulting from complex commands or a history tree.

For years, engineers had to consider the tradeoffs of each paradigm, choosing between them or using each tool on its own to support separate design workflows. The either/or scenario was turned on its head more recently as the leading CAD vendors realized there were merits to both modeling approaches. As a result, there's been a flood of new products, as well as new generations of veteran CAD tools that meld the best of both modeling approaches and, in the end, provide engineers with a more powerful and flexible array of offerings.

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