Altair Weight Analytics

Altair® Weight Analytics™

Altair Weight Analytics (WA) manages the entire Weight and Balance (W&B) process and gives engineering and management teams the power to control and ensure products meet their W&B requirements. Deployed as a common, enterprise-wide weight management tool, WA helps users make faster, more accurate decisions and gives users the ability to visualize, analyze, and predict W&B on-demand during the entire product lifecycle.

Lightweighting Design

Lightweighting Design

WA provides a fast, secure, and centralized role-based flow of information enterprise-wide, which boosts teamwork and ensures successful lightweight design by giving users instant access to approved, revision-controlled W&B data.

Converging Data and Simulation

Converging Data and Simulation

Offers easy, intuitive access to high-quality, traceable W&B data that’s ready for data analytics (DA) and simulation software. Also offers web browser access and cloudy-ready architecture.

Leveraging Historical Data for New Projects

Leveraging Historical Data for New Projects

WA also helps users develop innovative new products by letting them reutilize models, machine learning (ML) data, and knowledge accrued from products they’ve already manufactured.

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Ready for Air, Land, and Sea

Aeronautical engineers and pilots know that W&B directly impact vehicle performance and stability. For example, a plane that’s too heavy may never take off; even if it does, if it’s out of balance, it might be uncontrollable. For the aircraft industry, W&B is paramount.

But the principles of weight analytics are equally important in other industries and apply to other modes of transportation, structures, and products as well. In the ever-evolving drive for lightweight vehicles, juggling structures’ W&B and their integrated systems while understanding payload capacity and positioning is crucial to designing viable products – be they planes, trains, ships, trucks, RVs, or any other commercial or recreational vehicle.

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Develop Cost-Effective, High-quality Products Faster

With WA, users can manage partial and incomplete data that impedes product development while attaining data traceability and consistency throughout the product life cycle.

WA also lets users overcome slow data consolidation from legacy systems. By streamlining time-consuming repetitive tasks associated with data stream integration and synchronization, WA uses business analytics principles to increase data quality and improve process control.

Additionally, WA runs better, faster what-if analyses. It eliminates slow calculations, unreliable reporting, and lack of standardization by capturing and comparing system alternatives - Bill of Materials (BOM) comparison - to determine optimal, high-fidelity system configurations. With it, users can slice and dice huge data sets using business intelligence (BI) tools.

Lastly, WA reduces risk by forecasting and accounting for risks and opportunities at product launch and predicting W&B during the entire product lifecycle (PLC).

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Integrated Weight Control Approach

Innovation processes for large and complex manufactured goods involve a massive amount of data, organized in streams coming from the manufacturing floor, the engineering department, and the supply chain, as well as many other internal and external sources. The degree of control over these processes depends on the robustness of the continuous integration among these data streams, which is secured only when integration protocol are standardized and run on a regular and possibly automatic basis.

WA provides a common, integrated environment so users can manage and monitor product weight from the outset of product concept development. WA’s functional approach quickly compares different options – including competitors’ products – and constitutes a standard reference for product structures.

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Decision-making Data Always at your Fingertips

WA provides consistent, transparent data, standardized and automated workflows, and tools that support accurate decision-making and analysis. These tools utilize best-in-class methods from the business analytics industry and provide:

  • Quick, reliable, and ever-current product status overview
  • Powerful business analytics (BA) tools that analyze and compare BOMs composition and attributes that help users decide how to minimize risk and optimize performance
  • A way to manage, coordinate, and consolidate inputs to the design process (based on the functional view approach) even when inputs are coming from several internal or external stakeholders/suppliers

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