Altair Compose Usage Options

Altair Compose® Usage Options

Whether you are looking for a multi-disciplinary system simulation for your academic, hobbyist, or commercial needs, we have a solution for you with Compose.

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Personal Edition

Recommended for usage by hobbyists, everyone

Personal edition features include:

  • Altair Compose core product including IDE for scripting, executing, debugging, and visualizing
  • Extensible OpenMatrix Language (OML) with bridges to Python and TCL provided
  • Built-in tools for signal processing, control systems, system identification, optimization, and more
  • Ability to import and execute scripts from Octave and MATLAB®
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Business Edition

Recommended for commercial usage

All features from Personal edition are included, plus:

  • CAE Readers
  • Altair® HyperWorks® integration (via function registration and reuse)
  • Special-purpose toolboxes
  • Technical support
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Student Edition

Recommended for usage on student projects

  • All features of the Business edition are included
  • Intended for use with project-based learning
  • Useful for student competitions
  • Requires validation of student enrollment at academic institution

For information about teaching or research licenses, click here.

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