Altair Self-service Data Preparation

Altair Self-service Data Preparation

Altair data preparation solutions seamlessly connect different data sources and formats, making it easy for business users and data specialists to access, cleanse, and transform data to be used for smart decision making.

Easy to Use

Easy to Use

All users can easily access, cleanse, and format data from a wide variety of sources without manual data entry or coding.



Ability to automate and streamline repeatable processes. Pre-built functions contain all the data preparation commands needed to export trusted data to reporting, analytics or visualization tools.

Enterprise Capabilities

Enterprise Capabilities

Curated datasets can be shared with the entire organization using a collaborative interface for reporting or model building purposes.

Desktop-based Data Preparation

Powerful self-service data preparation begins with Altair® Monarch®. Known for nearly 30 years as the industry leader in data wrangling and data transformation, Monarch allows users to easily connect to a wide variety of data sources and transform difficult to use data into trusted and accurate data sets.

Monarch is the fastest and easiest way to extract data from any source — including turning unstructured data like PDFs and text files into rows and columns. With dozens of pre-built data preparation functions designed to help meet accounting, healthcare and other industry-regulated reporting requirements, Monarch is the tool of choice when it comes to data preparation.

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Server-based Data Preparation

Monarch Server takes self-service data preparation to a whole new level. Extend the desktop-based data preparation capabilities of Monarch into a comprehensive, enterprise-wide solution. Monarch Server’s options allow organizations to work more collaboratively, store and retrieve reports easier, and distribute model results beyond the Monarch platform.

Data transformation workflows created with Monarch can be stored and shared on Monarch Server. Automate advanced data preparation and model building processes. Manage the storage, indexing, search and retrieval of core reports and text-based files using the Content Server module. Extend Monarch model results to users of CMS such as IBM CMOD, Fiserv Nautilus, Hyland Onbase, Mobius/ASG, and more.

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Altair Monarch: Enterprise-Class Data Transformation

Altair® Monarch® is a comprehensive, self-service data transformation and process automation solution. It connects directly to a wide range of structured and semi-structured data sources, including PDFs, text, complex spreadsheets, JSON, XML, big data sources, relational databases, and many others. Business users and analysts can extract, cleanse, and transform data into consistent, governed, and secure rows and columns without specialized knowledge or training, and without writing any code. The platform includes more than 80 pre-built data preparation functions which makes it easy to build new error-free workflows in minutes. Experience no-code, automated data transformation: Try Altair Monarch today, for free.

Technical Document

Guide to Self-Service Data Preparation

Whether you call it data preparation, mining, extracting, cleaning, joining, blending, or masking, it’s all data transformation. This guide will help you assess your requirements and develop an implementation plan to increase efficiency and reduce errors in your data transformation processes. Experience no-code, automated data transformation: Try Altair Monarch today, for free.


Advance Your RPA Initiatives

Reduce hard costs, save time, and improve output quality in financial reporting.

Case Study

Streamline Audit Processes with Self-Service Data Preparation

Auditors are under significant pressure to keep expenditures down whether they work for an external audit firm or are part of an internal audit team. Achieving cost-effective audits requires organizations to do more with less - while maintaining or increasing audit quality. To succeed auditors not only need the right expertise and process but also the right data analytics tools.

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