Altair DesignAI

Altair® DesignAI™

Cloud native, transformative, AI- and simulation-driven design

Introducing the next evolution of product development: DesignAI combines physics-based simulation-driven design and machine learning-based AI-driven design to create high-potential designs earlier in development cycles. Augment current product development practices and multiply the productivity of engineering teams with AI technology to explore a broader population of customer pleasing, high performing, meaningful, and manufacturable new product design alternatives.

Bring All Product Stakeholders Together with One Product

Increase collaboration, speed up design convergence, and achieve greater product innovation by tearing down departmental silos while reducing the risks associated with invention. Building on Altair’s technology leadership in the disciplines of data science, engineering simulation, and high-performance computing (HPC) and drawing on a proven record of product design, DesignAI provides a cost-effective acceleration of engineering processes that integrates with existing engineering workflows and toolchains.

Solve the Most Challenging Design and Engineering Problems Faster

Optimize product development workflows by leveraging Altair’s multi-industry, data-driven, decision-making expertise. DesignAI helps teams deliver higher performing products that consider more design dimensions throughout the development process. By applying the same physics-based tools used for verification from concept to design, and through to sign-off and guided by machine learning using organizational specific constraints, DesignAI enables faster design convergence by confidently rejecting low-potential designs earlier in development cycles.

Gain Value from Existing Knowledge and Design Data

Fuel the exploration of new solutions to complex design problems by more effectively applying and scaling expertise within the organization and drawing on archived simulation data. DesignAI combines AI-driven design with expert specific constraints and simulation-driven design with physical engineering constraints to drive better product decisions. It empowers you to unlock valuable information hidden in existing simulation results while transparent HPC resource provisioning through Altair One™ provides all the compute power required to augment that data with new analysis.