Altair Inspire Applications

Altair® Inspire™ Applications

Inspire is an intuitive and powerful family of software products that enables simulation-driven design throughout the entire product development lifecycle, from concept to reality.

When used early in the design process, the Inspire technology empowers the creation of designs that are focused on both performance and manufacturability and empowers its users to explore, develop, and manufacture high-performance products in a single intuitive development environment.

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Industrial Design and Rendering

Altair® Inspire™ Studio enhances creativity by letting designers drive their design. Its intuitive user interface, with its powerful construction history tool, quickly creates, explores multiple iterations, and makes changes without any rework. Users can combine different modeling techniques to effortlessly create and explore even the most challenging designs. Stunning images and complex animations can then be generated in real time, with physically accurate lighting.

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Computational Physics

Experience an interactive engineering design environment for rapid design exploration and product creation, without the need to invest in new computer hardware. Inspire delivers dependable and blazing fast solver power through the integration of Altair's solutions for dynamic motion simulation and structural analysis.

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Ideation and Optimization

Inspire has democratized topology optimization, granting every designer and architect the ablity to generate original, innovative, manufacturable, and structurally efficient shapes quickly and easily. It provides a fast and accurate toolset for the generative design and process simulation of additive manufactured parts.

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Manufacturing Simulation

Inspire offers a unique set of simulation tools to evaluate product feasibility, optimize the manufacturing process, and run virtual try-outs for many traditional, subtractive, and additive manufacturing processes. Users can validate designs early in the manufacturing process with the simplicity and affordability of the simulation software, as well as use optimization technology with specific manufacturing constraints to design better, more efficient products.

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