Altair Material Data Center

Altair® Material Data Center™

The development of sustainable, efficient, minimum weight designs requires accurate multi domain material properties. Material Data Center enables designers, engineers, and scientists to browse, search, and compare materials in a standalone application or through the interface of their simulation and optimization tools.

Easy Access to High Quality Material Ready for Simulation

Direct access to accurate solver ready data through a common user experience enables designers and engineers to make faster, more informed material decisions. Material Data Center is available as a cloud-based standalone application and will soon be integrated inside the Altair® Inspire™, Altair® SimLab®, and Altair® HyperWorks® interfaces.

Don’t use generic material information from the internet, know the supplier source of the data used for each analysis, and know it is always up to date. The fast growing list of partners supplying material data includes Baosteel, MATDAT, and SABIC. Browse, search and compare materials through a familiar interface without creating solver cards, even units conversion is automatic.

The Material Resource for all Scientists, Engineers, and Designers

Material Data Center provides a single master materials database with role-based access control for the enterprise. This ensures instant access to approved, revision-controlled materials data developed with consistent numerical models ready for virtual prototyping and validation. It supports all widely used solvers, not just Altair products. Access data sheets, raw data, and solver cards with full traceability back to the supplier source, ensuring valid assumptions and consistency across teams.

Future releases will add the ability for administrators - within the secure enterprise workspace - to add proprietary materials, while physical test data could be supplemented with properties developed using Altair® Multiscale Designer®. Additionally, Material Data Center will be able to connect to third-party and customer databases.

Embrace New Materials, Control Risks, and Reduce Costs

Using supplier specific data means that supplier selection can be determined earlier, streamlining purchasing, production planning and supply chain management. Achieve better products and faster development with multi domain material properties direct from the material supplier for use from early concept design, through to manufacturing simulation, and final validation.

Material Data Center enables access to material offerings from multiple suppliers for procurement planning and is a scalable cloud solution to meet the needs of any product development team.

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Expand the Usage of Proprietary, Innovative Materials

Enable product development teams to commit to materials earlier by making it easier for to apply them to their products. Material Data Center’s automatic conversion of raw supplier test data into usable material property information makes this especially straightforward during early design exploration, with consistent properties then used throughout product development. Supplier contact information is readily available to the customers driving better customer dialog.

Material Data That’s Secure, Current, and Available

Ready-to-use engineering material data built on validated test results with secure sharing of updates with product development customers, that’s Material Data Center. A common database of structural, fatigue, fluid/thermal, and electromagnetic properties including manufacturing process specific data. Customers use only validated and approved material data with revision control which allows new materials and properties to be distributed efficiently through Material Data Center’s cloud infrastructure.

Material Data Center includes the most comprehensive, high-fidelity plastics database available on the market, developed by M-Base. Altair has been investing significantly in the area of material modeling for several years and acquired M-Base Engineering + Software GmbH on October 8, 2020.

Be Part of the Best-in-Class Material Source for CAE Engineers

Altair knows simulation and optimization, and offers expertise that underlies the data preparation and validation of material data uniquely tailored to the CAE community. Material Data Center will expose your products to simulation-driven design users while material data can be encrypted to protect proprietary information.

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