Composites at Altair

This presentation is by Markku Palanterä, Director Composites Business Development, Altair

The composites design and simulation suite by Altair is actively developed with a holistic view to cover all stages of the process from material modeling all the way to the certification of composite structures. On the material modeling side, the focus is on continuous further development of Altair’s multiscale modeling technology for continuous fiber composites and injection molded plastics, but not forgetting further application areas, such as additive manufacturing. The ply-based composite modeling in Altair HyperWorks has recently undergone a major update to achieve an improved, more efficient modeling workflow. This together with planned further developments tie the modeling even better with the manufacturing to create realistic models of composite components as built. Altair’s solver technology for implicit and explicit analyses can utilize multiscale material models to accurately describe composite material nonlinear behavior up to failure. Altair’s unique composites optimization technology is being enhanced with the repeat laminate concept that provides added efficiency and user control over lay-up design. To further complement the idea of an integrated system with all the necessary composites capabilities, the Composite Stress Toolbox has been introduced in HyperWorks to support design and certification.

The recording is about 22 minutes long and was originally presented at the 2020 ATCx Composites.

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