Data-Driven Dynamic Design - How Should a Robust System Component Look?

Safety and reliability are paramount objectives of the aero-engine development work. Comprehensive dynamic simulation and testing ensure safe and reliable products.

However, new design architectures with increasing demand for power density need to be developed in even shorter time scales. Robust structural dynamics are one key objective that needs to be addressed very early in the concept design. Today’s analysis tools need to make accurate dynamic predictions at the system level which takes a long time due to very large design iterations and robustness assessments. An approach to resolve this dilemma by combining Altair SimSolid with frequency-based coupling and data science thinking is presented.

The presentation by Carsten Buchholz, Project Engineer for Hybrid Electric Flight Demonstrator at Rolls-Royce, aired at Future.AI in June 2021, and is almost 13 minutes long.

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