Democratizing an Industry through AI, by The Electric Storage Company

How can AI contribute to democratizing an entire, essential industry? The answer lies in data; capturing it, understanding it, leveraging it, and most importantly making it open and accessible to everyone. This is what The Electric Storage Company is all about. Electricity is one of the key pillars of modern society and industry. We need our health systems, our food chains, our water systems, our internet, and our banking systems. All are underpinned by the reliable flow of electrons, from sources of electricity to users of electricity. How do we eliminate carbon from this flow? How can that flow remain reliable in a Net Zero world? How should the dollars & euros follow the electrons? Who is adding value, who is reducing cost, who should see rewards? This is what The Electric Storage Company is now bringing to market, thanks to using of AI and other technologies.
This industry presentation, by Eddie McGoldrick, Co-Founder and Director of The Electric Storage Company, aired at Future.AI in June 2021, and is about 16 minutes long.

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