Efficient High-Fidelity Design and Optimization of Composite Blades Using VABS

This webinar will demonstrate how one can use VABS through Altair APA to conduct efficient and high-fidelity design and optimization of composite blades. Realistic examples will be used to demonstrate that VABS can be used to match specific blade properties. Linking VABS with a multibody dynamics simulation code, it can also be used to optimize dynamic performances of rotating blades. Significant weight reduction can be achieved by making use of composites in comparison to the benchmark. The versatile modeling capability of VABS can be used to model realistic blades along with needed manufacturing constraints. All the complex three-dimensional stress and strain states within each layer of the composites can be accurately captured using VABS during the rapid optimization process.

Presenter: Wenbin Yu | CTO, AnalySwift

Featuring VABS by AnalySwift, available through the Altair Partner Alliance

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