AI-Powered Product Design

What makes artificial intelligence a game changer is not what movies depict with the loud destructive powers of artificially intelligent robots. It’s the opposite, it is the silent creative destruction that it brings as apps in our phones or features in the tools that we use such as spam filters, fraud detectors, and recommendation engines. When combined, these tools make our lives more enjoyable, safe, and productive.

In a similar spirit, at Altair, we have been working on powering product design and development with AI to make your work lives more enjoyable, and productive. Our focus has been improving processes and outcomes by reducing repetitive, labor-intensive, non-value-added tasks as well as emulating experts and enriching performance predictions with real-time field predictions. What makes these offerings unique is their no-code integration to the tools that you are already familiar with and hence not requiring you to have to leave your own working environment. In this presentation, examples of such AI-Powered product design processes will be demonstrated.

The presentation by Dr. Fatma Kocer, VP of Engineering Data Science at Altair, aired at Future.AI in June 2021, and is almost 30 minutes long.

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