Fireside Chat: AI and Digital Transformation: Paving a Path to Better Business Outcomes

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been recognized as one of the central enablers of digital transformation. It is becoming increasingly crucial to enabling organizations to deliver value in a highly competitive and ever-changing business environment.

Learn how Capgemini is bringing data-powered organizations to life by empowering greater adoption of AI in this post-pandemic era. Discover how organizations are scaling AI operations taking them from pilot to product and through the operationalization of AI creating better business outcomes.

•The role of AI in building a data-powered organization
•How can customers start trusting AI to confidently deploy AI for better business outcomes
•Key factors to ensure successful adoption of AI strategy and common challenges companies must overcome

The fireside chat between Altair CTO Sam Mahalingam, and Dr. Chandrasekhar Balasubramanyam, VP of Data Science, Analytics & AI, at Cap Gemini aired at Future.AI in June 2021, and is about 26 minutes long.

Explore how to operationalize analytics and AI with secure, governed, and scalable strategies.

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