How Data Digitization Enables Smart Factory in the Semiconductor Equipment Industry

As part of the global wave associated with Artificial Intelligence (AI), the data transformation pillar is changing the way industrial companies produce and service their products.

New and innovative tools are being introduced within various industries as part of the Industry 4.0 revolution. The technology innovation brings new capabilities that are becoming essential in addressing key challenges and improves overall manufacturing productivity.

KLA Corporation designs, manufactures, and markets process control and yield management solutions for the semiconductor and related nanoelectronics industries worldwide.

As semiconductor devices and features continue to scale down, the equipment manufacturing divisions are facing new challenges: product complexity increment, spec margins tightening, higher level of customization, and shorter time to market.

This session reviews the data transformation journey of KLA Operations, which enables smart factory creation. It refers to the 5 stages of data: preparation, integration, analytics, visualization, and actionable data. This allows continued delivery of cutting-edge products on time and at the levels of quality that the KLA brand promises.

This presentation by Shlomi Ben-Baruch, New Products Launch Director for KLA Operations, aired at Future.AI in June 2021 and is almost 13 minutes long.

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