How to Become an I/O Expert

Altair Breeze™ and Altair Mistral™ are I/O profiling tools that tell you how your applications are using storage. These unique products provide unrivalled insight into application dependencies and I/O patterns so system administrators and developers can troubleshoot and tune their applications. Dr. Rosemary Francis is the founder and CEO of the company that developed Breeze and Mistral, now part of Altair. She shares her experiences and describe how I/O profiling helps identify inefficiencies at the job level, optimise I/O to prep for and streamline cloud migration, and tune hybrid cloud. Altair I/O monitoring products help you understand the way applications access data to make every engineer an I/O expert. Reviewing this video on demand will help you to understand how Mistral and Breeze help design and execute complex physical design flows, reduce design risk, save money, and accelerate time-to-market by spotting critical dependencies.

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