From Mine to Blast Furnace – Optimizing the Steelmaking Process with EDEM

In this webinar learn more about EDEM software and how it can be used to optimize a range of operations and processes as part of the steelmaking process.

Bulk materials such as iron ore, coal, pellets and sinter are at the core of the steelmaking process. From transporting raw materials from the mines to the plant by wagons, moving materials on conveyor belts to the blast furnace and the actual charging of the furnace, efficient handling and processing of those materials is critical to achieve efficiency.

EDEM software, powered by the Discrete Element Method (DEM), accurately simulates the behavior of rocks, soils, ores, gravel, etc. It provides engineers with crucial insight into how bulk materials will interact with their equipment during a range of operation and process conditions.

Webinar Contents:
• Raw material handling and transportation:
improving performance and reliability of equipment such as transfer chutes, coal wagons, bucket elevators, screw augers and more.
• Processes: optimizing performance of machines such as cone crushers, mills, vibrating screens, dryers and mixers.
• Blast furnace: minimizing segregation in charging process, optimizing material distribution and dispersal, predicting areas of equipment wear.

49 minutes

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