The Convergence of AI, Simulation, and HPC

Many scientific applications rely heavily on the use of brute-force numerical methods performed on high-performance computing (HPC) infrastructure. Can artificial intelligence (AI) methods augment or even entirely replace these brute-force calculations in a fraction of the time without compromising accuracy? Can we make groundbreaking new discoveries as a result of such speed-ups? Anima will present exciting recent advances that build new foundations in AI making it possible to solve previously unimaginable problems such as climate change and drug discovery. On the other side of the coin, she will discuss the importance of simulations to train AI models to support the rapidly growing fields of robotics and autonomous driving. This keynote address will shine a light on the growing convergence of AI, simulation, and HPC.

This industry keynote by Anima Anandkumar, Director of ML research at NVIDIA and Bren Professor at Caltech, was presented at Future.AI in June 2021, and is a little over 22 minutes long.

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