Workshop: The Role of Simulation From Concept Development to Final Design

This workshop demonstrates how a simulation-driven design approach to product development can have a drastic impact on the performance, design time, and profitability of a new product.

Using a belt sander tool as a demonstration model, our presenters show how Altair’s design and simulation technologies can conduct a concept design analysis and optimization of the sander external housing to improve stiffness and reduce weight. They go on to show how we can simulate the manufacturing process itself by looking at filling, packing, cooling and warpage of the plastic housing; before concluding with a series of stress analysis and validation studies such as a virtual drop test, 3-point bending simulation and even a study of the effect of the heat transfer of the electric motor.

This is a valuable session to see how simulation technologies can be used throughout the design process, adding value and reducing development time at each stage.

Speakers: Ujwal Patnaik, Global Business Development Manager, Altair
Chris Sambell, Application Engineer, Altair
Duration: 60 minutes

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