Powering New Possibilities in the Cloud

Together with cloud providers and our other HPC partners, Intel is driving the performance and flexibility that are critical to running advanced HPC workloads in the cloud. We collaborate across our HPC ecosystem to help cloud providers offer accelerated, secure, and agile environments using our latest technologies, such as Intel® Xeon® processors. As cloud customers continue exploring new possibilities and applications for HPC, Intel is dedicated to facilitating their success. Intel works with HPC partners from various industries to enable forward-thinking cloud use cases such as bursting, AI, and advanced analytics. Learn how Intel collaborates with Public and Private Cloud Service Providers to optimize HPC workloads for fast, cost-effective execution on Intel-based Cloud Instances.

Conference Presentations

Exploiting the Potential of Simulation with On-Site Compute

Featuring Gareth Knopp, Innovation and Simulation Manager at Bucher Municipal, this presentation explains why Bucher Municipal have invested in on-premises hardware to exploit the full potential of simulation for the design of their truck mounted sweepers. Gareth describes the simulation environment inside the company, explains why more compute power was needed, and why they opted for physical hardware with the Altair Unlimited Physical Appliance over cloud compute. Speaker: Gareth Knopp, Innovation and Simulation Manager - Truck Mounted Sweepers, Bucher Municipal Duration: 20 minutes

Conference Presentations

The Evolving HPC Environment

In this keynote presentation Dr. Rosemary Francis, Chief Scientist HPC at Altair, talks about the importance of High Performance Computing, how companies can access compute and the barriers to HPC cloud adoption. She also describes how the HPC environment is evolving and what we can expect in the future. Speaker: Dr. Rosemary Francis, Chief Scientist, Altair Duration: 20 minutes

Conference Presentations

Litens Automotive Group Partners with Altair for Increased Parallel Computing Power

Gianmarc Coppola, Ph.D., Engineering Manager at Litens Automotive Group, shares how partnering with Altair led to increased parallel computing power using Altair® Unlimited® running on Microsoft® Azure.

Video Testimonials

Journey to Simulation-driven Design with Litens Automotive

Litens engineers have used simulation for many years to solve challenging engineering problems. Despite investments in simulation tools, methods, and high-performance computing (HPC), achieving up-front simulation-driven design was out of reach. Litens engineers recognized that their ability to solve advanced structural problems was limited by their existing simulation strategy. This webinar explores how Litens overcame these limitations, and their journey to simulation-driven design with Altair. The following topics will be covered: -Choice of methods to solve quasi-static structural problems: implicit vs. explicit -Technical merits and challenges associated with each method and business outcomes -How Litens engineers leveraged the Altair Unlimited Physical appliance, a turnkey, fully managed HPC cluster utilizing RADIOSS, a high performance explicit dynamic solver -One engineer’s testimonial about the decisions taken and its impact on their design/development processes, simulation throughput, and overall competitiveness


Accelerating Engineering and Design Processes using Solutions from Altair and Dell Technologies

Martinrea International Inc. is a leader in the development and production of quality metal parts, assemblies and modules, fluid management systems, and complex aluminum products. Martinrea’s engineering and design teams need reliable high performance solutions to accelerate product development cycles. See how with the use of solutions from Altair and Dell Technologies systems, Martinrea is saving both time and money.

Case Study

What is Sustainable Product Design?

Circular product lifecycle management benefits industry and the earth by considering what the product you're developing will become in the future.

Product Overview Videos

How Do Companies Achieve Sustainable Product Design?

Refining their processes to capitalize on resource efficiency, manufacturers today are relying on smart, connected technology to make their products more sustainable.

Product Overview Videos

How Does a Digital Thread Make Products More Sustainable?

Altair makes sustainably-driven product design possible by weaving a digital thread through its development, testing, and operation.

Product Overview Videos

Where to Begin: HPC and Cloud Computing Models for Engineers

In this session, cloud expert Rick Watkins presents three actionable HPC and cloud models designed to optimize innovation potential and longtime ROI, whether your team is small and nimble or maintains its own large compute infrastructure. Engineers interested in boosting performance with HPC will come away with an understanding of what HPC and cloud model could be right for them – as well as a high-level appreciation for the critical role that IT infrastructure optimization plays in maintaining your team’s competitive edge, and all the complexity involved in making appear simple.

Future.Industry 2021

Panel Discussion: HPC & Cloud for Software Stakeholders, Where Your Computer Comes from and Why it Matters

In this panel, participants including Dr. Gerardo Olivares of the National Institute for Aviation Research (NIAR) and David Griffith of Robotic Process Automation software provider, AmdoSoft, will be joined by Altair’s own SVP - Strategic Relationships, Piush Patel, to discuss the benefits and complexities of navigating the complex HPC and cloud landscape. If you are a software user looking to accelerate productivity or vendor eager to understand how cloud delivery models can benefit your customers and bottom line, this panel will provide a practical look at the complex cloud landscape from the perspective of software stakeholders and advice from experts on how to embrace it.

Future.Industry 2021

Data Discipline: Managing Engineering Data for AI-powered Design

The advancements in the fields of AI and ML, combined with the increased availability of robust simulation, testing, and field data sets has made engineering data science a critical component of the modern product development lifecycle, but in order to extract maximum value from these exciting tools, companies need a plan to store, manage, and utilize their data efficiently. They need data discipline

Technical Document

Superior CAE Productivity with HPC Appliances from Altair and Intel

High-performance computing (HPC) has emerged as an essential technology in modern design and development environments. Driven by increased competitive pressures, manufacturers increasingly compete based on their computer-aided engineering (CAE) and HPC infrastructure environments. Deploying and managing HPC infrastructure is challenging, however. HPC clusters are complex and costly to deploy and require specialized skills across multiple domains to manage and maintain them effectively. As a result, engineering teams can spend much of their time managing the HPC environment rather than focusing on more productive work. This can lead to higher costs and longer design cycles due to reduced productivity. This paper will explore this dilemma and explain how turnkey HPC appliances from Altair and Intel can dramatically simplify HPC cluster deployment and management. It will show how the Altair Unlimited™ appliance powered by state-of-the-art Intel® Xeon® processors can reduce simulation time, reduce costs, and improve overall productivity and efficiency.

White Papers

The Keys to Scalable, Cost-Effective CFD Investment

Fluid mechanics simulation is a critical tool for late-stage failure risk mitigation, as well as a driver of design insights throughout the product development process. Used across all levels of product design and validation, from design engineers seeking to understand fluid and thermal effects on a design proposal to analysts performing advanced aerodynamic modeling, Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) serves a broad array of applications and a range of users with varied levels of expertise. The sometimes complex and computationally intensive nature of CFD necessitates careful consideration of the software and hardware investments required to produce accurate solutions and scale them at the speed of a company’s development process.

Technical Document

2021 HPC Summit, Oracle Breakout Session - The Most Powerful HPC Platform in the Cloud

This presentation discusses how and why business are moving to Oracle Cloud and what benefits they're realizing in areas including biomedical research, automotive simulation, and weather forecasting. The presentation, by HPC cloud architect Dr. Kevin Jorissen from Oracle, was recorded at the 2021 Altair HPC Summit, and is about 30 minutes long. View all HPC Summit 2021 Presentations

HPC Summit 2021

Redefine What’s Possible with HPC

We are seeing a mass increase in data, coming at us from all directions. Whether you are running AI-enhanced HPC applications on-premises or HPC workloads in the cloud, you need platforms and solutions that will offer the performance, scalability, and flexibility to redefine what’s possible with HPC. This presentation by Trish Damkroger from Intel aired at the 2021 Altair HPC Summit, and is about 17 minutes long. View all HPC Summit 2021 Presentations

HPC Summit 2021

HPC at Safran Seats

Safran Seats VP Daniel Boast outlines how his team accelerates product design and development for aviation with a turnkey, virtual Altair HPC appliance: Altair Unlimited. This presentation aired during the 2021 Altair HPC Summit, and is over 14 minutes long. View all HPC Summit 2021 Presentations

HPC Summit 2021

How PING Golf Stays Ahead of the Innovation Curve with Altair HPC Appliance Powered by the Latest Intel Xeon Processor

Eric Morales, senior engineer at PING Golf, talks with Altair's Rick Watkins about innovating in equipment design using the Altair Unlimited appliance.

Conference Presentations

Run Faster, Make Friends and Embrace the Power - Altair Unlimited HPC Appliances

If you want to supercharge your throughput, spend your days making radical improvements and work confidently from an easy-to-use browser - have we got a show for you! Begin the journey to lead your people to triumph and glory as you learn about the joys of unlimited software, supercomputing hardware and a SysAdmin waiting to fulfill your every desire with Altair Unlimited HPC Appliances.

Conference Presentations

Altair for HPC and Cloud Applications

In the data center and in the cloud, Altair’s industry-leading HPC tools let you orchestrate, visualize, optimize, and analyze your most demanding workloads.


Altair for Multiphysics Applications

Altair provides an industry-leading portfolio of multiphysics-enabled software to simulate a wide range of interacting physical models including fluid-structure interaction (FSI), flexible bodies, aeroacoustics, and thermomechanical simulation.


Extended Interview: Royal Enfield Discuss the Deployment of the Altair Unlimited Appliance

An extended interview with Royal Enfield, the world's oldest motorcycle brand in continuous production, as they discuss the deployment of the Altair Unlimited appliance. Rod Giles gives insight into the company's existing HPC infrastructure and explains why the fully managed Altair appliance made sense for them.

Video Testimonials

Royal Enfield Discuss the Deployment of the Altair Unlimited Appliance

Royal Enfield, the world's oldest motorcycle brand in continuous production, discuss the deployment of the Altair Unlimited appliance. Rod Giles gives insight into the company's existing HPC infrastructure and explains why the fully managed Altair Appliance made sense for them.

Video Testimonials

Scaling Up Your Nonlinear Analysis Solver Throughput with Altair Unlimited

In this webinar, you'll learn about OptiStruct's nonlinear analysis performance at scale as well as Altair's powerful and cost-efficient solutions for on-premise or virtual compute clusters.


Fast Forward Your Nonlinear Analysis with OptiStruct and Altair Unlimited

Take home a modern nonlinear solver and state-of-the-art compute cluster to start revolutionizing your engineering decision-making on day one. Make agile design decisions, boost throughput, and reduce time-to-market by combining the modern nonlinear solver capabilities of OptiStruct with Altair’s Unlimited appliance.


Altair Hyperworks Highlights & Future

Presentation by Sergi Chanukaev, Country Managing Director, Altair Israel, at the ATCx in Israel, Netanya on October 30, 2019.

Conference Presentations

Mubea Relies on Altair Unlimited for Automotive Component Design and Production

In performing lightweighting projects for large OEMs, Mubea is the only provider worldwide who delivers innovations of tailor-rolled blanks (TRB) which are ideal for not only vehicle body structural but also for suspension components that encounter different loads across their length. The Mubea team has worked collaboratively with Altair for over 6 years. With Altair Unlimited Physical Appliance, they are able to optimize their TRB applications more efficiently than ever before, including expanded capabilities for unlimited design exploration, reduced lead time and major cost savings over traditional hardware/software purchase

Customer Stories

High-performance Computing Speeds Up Optimization Processes for Tailor Rolled Blanks at Mubea

OEMs and suppliers include every possible technique to support lightweighting in the automotive industry. It is common to use optimization techniques in order to identify and tab existing lightweight potentials as well as design tailor rolled components in a vehicle, the design optimization of which is normally based on crash simulations. Due to the large size of these simulations, a single run can take 1 to 12 hours. To conduct all the simulation runs needed for assessment and evaluation of different design concepts, the use of HPC is necessary. HWUL- VA was able to reduce the turnaround time for a lightweight study significantly at Mubea.

Customer Stories

Simulation Powers Development of Professional Power Tools

CAE is a core element in developing high-end, long-lasting professional power tools at DeWalt, a Stanley Black & Decker brand.

Customer Stories

Altair Unlimited Webinar

Join HPC, numerical optimization and data analytics expert Rick Watkins for a LIVE webinar covering Altair's fully-managed, turnkey HPC appliance for CAE. Today's engineering teams need to deliver robust, innovative products at an ever-increasing pace. This requires the exploration of multiple scenarios and is limited by the ability to mobilize resources quickly. Firms need on-demand access to HPC and data management that can be supported with minimal IT burden. Powered by Altair’s enterprise software, Altair PBS Works™, Altair Unlimited appliances provide users with a secure platform — either on-premises or off-premises — to run, monitor, and manage simulations and meet the most demanding computing needs.


Introducing Altair Unlimited

Altair Unlimited packs the power of high-performance computing, unlimited CAE solver licenses and all the required resource management expertise into one easy package — so you can spend more time exploring, designing, and building your next innovation.

Product Overview Videos

Altair Unlimited Private Cloud Appliance for CAE

Altair Unlimited™ is a turnkey, state-of-the-art private appliance, available in both on-premises and cloud-based formats. Altair Unlimited delivers unlimited use of a wide range of Altair HyperWorks™ solver software for simulating mechanics, fluids, electromagnetics, and more — including modeling, visualization, and optimization. To keep it all working at maximum efficiency, industry-leading HPC resource management technology and user-friendly web portal tools including Altair® PBS Professional® and Altair Access™ are included with every system. Altair Unlimited boxes up software, system administration, and infrastructure as a service into a single, intuitive platform.

Use Cases

Utilising Cloud Computing to Drive Innovative Product Development

Featuring Jamie Bedson, Senior Design Analyst at Gestamp, this presentation describes how Gestamp are harnessing cloud computing to drive innovative product development. Jamie explains why they chose to use the Altair Unlimited virtual appliance in the Cloud, what they used it for and the key benefits it brings from an end-user perspective. Speaker: Jamie Bedson, Senior Design Analyst, Gestamp Duration: 20 minutes

Conference Presentations