CADdoctor by Elysium Co. Ltd.

Desktop Application for 3D Data Translation

CADdoctor was designed to support 3D data utilization. Going beyond CAD-to-CAD translation, CADdoctor has advanced capabilities to detect and heal errors and to optimize data for downstream processing, such as prepping FEA mesh generation. With CADdoctor, streamline and maximize the use of your 3D data. Explore the possibilities of CADdoctor when you free yourself from complex integrations, time-costing errors, and project delays. Let CADdoctor take the uncertainty out of your 3D data.

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Why CADdoctor?

Free Up Your Locked Down Resources

CADdoctor can free up your resources for non-innovative work of pre-processing to clean up the geometry.

Improve Mesh Quality for Better Results

Geometry healing and simplification enables the creation of better mesh with fewer elements.

Reduce Total Time from End to End

High quality and/or simplified geometry reduce CAE data preparation time. Also high quality mesh reduce the total calculation time for CAE.

Key Features

High-quality 3D CAD Translation

CADdoctor provides high-fidelity 3D translations between multiple CAD formats that goes beyond simple mechanical translations.

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Detecting and Repairing PDQ Errors

CADdoctor automatically detects and repairs hidden product data quality (PDQ) errors for the consumption in downstream process.

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Geometry Simplification

CADdoctor simplify model geometry to optimize CAE mesh generation by recognizing geometry features and removing them automatically through de-featuring.

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Solid Enveloping

CADdoctor’s solid enveloping capabilities can “shrinkwrap” entire assemblies to smaller solid model to reduce file size and/or remove hidden components.

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Reverse Engineering

Take point cloud and polygon data to a CAD format through CADdoctor’s automatic model generation capabilities.

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Mid-surface Generation

Generate mid-surfaces from detailed solid models with complex bosses and ribs.


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