Shortening Time to Solution with AcuSolve on Azure’s New HBv3 Offering

With faster computers comes new complexities that, if understood, can be mastered to yield significant application performance and cost improvements. In this breakout session, we will investigate how the Azure HBv3 offering, with increased memory bandwidth and L3 cache, can drastically reduce time to solution for AcuSolve at scale. We will cover some benchmarks and show how they perform on Azure at various scale points. This data will enable AcuSolve users to reduce time to solution so they can dedicate more time to improving their product.

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Cloud for HPC Pros: Expand HPC Infrastructure On-demand with Cost-effective, Multi-cloud Scaling

Beyond empowering your team with flexible compute resources to scale productivity, cloud bursting technology provides running and automation opportunities that make real impact on the metrics that matter most to your organization. Join this breakout session for HPC stakeholders to see how to manage, optimize and forecast compute resources, bursting to and between your on-prem resources and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, and Amazon Web Services (AWS). “It just works” may be the magic words for end users, but in this session we’ll explore all that goes into serving up the right compute resources for every workload.

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Altair HPC: Scaling for the Future

The massive exploration of ideas through computational science and artificial intelligence is fueled by high-performance computing. In the cloud, on-premises, at the edge, and everywhere in between, explore the HPC technology maximizing HPC throughput and utilization for breakthrough results.

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Live Hybrid Computing Demo

In this presentation Ian Littlewood, Product Manager at Altair, runs attendees through some live demos around Altair's hybrid cloud bursting for HPC workloads. Discover how Altair can provide multi-cloud bursting tools to impact your business needs and how our simulator driven bursting can provide cost-optimized resources at the right time and based on your company's policy, controls and limits. Speaker: Ian Littlewood, Product Manager (Cloud Solutions), Altair Duration: 21 minutes

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Where to Begin: HPC and Cloud Computing Models for Engineers

In this session, cloud expert Rick Watkins presents three actionable HPC and cloud models designed to optimize innovation potential and longtime ROI, whether your team is small and nimble or maintains its own large compute infrastructure. Engineers interested in boosting performance with HPC will come away with an understanding of what HPC and cloud model could be right for them – as well as a high-level appreciation for the critical role that IT infrastructure optimization plays in maintaining your team’s competitive edge, and all the complexity involved in making appear simple.

Future.Industry 2021

Cloud Bursting: State of the Art GUIs for Seamless Scaling

Altair's EMEA enterprise computing director, Chris Townend, and product manager, Ian Littlewood, team up to talk about adopting HPC in the cloud and making it simple for users and administrators.

HPC Summit 2020

Accelerating R&D in the Cloud

Materials designers and developers are constantly working to improve existing materials and create new ones that will allow us to interact with our world and explore in ways that weren’t possible before. Because being first counts in the race to materials innovation, Altair enabled a leading materials manufacturer to accelerate product development in the cloud.

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Altair for HPC and Cloud Applications

In the data center and in the cloud, Altair’s industry-leading HPC tools let you orchestrate, visualize, optimize, and analyze your most demanding workloads.


PBS Works Documentation

Documentation for PBS Works Products, including Release Notes, Programmer's Guides, User's Guides, and Administrator's Guides


Right-size Your HPC Infrastructure

Every organization has different workload needs, and those needs can change from day to day and minute to minute. How can you know what HPC resources you’ll need? Join Altair expert Matt Bonyak to find out more about managing, optimizing, and forecasting your compute resources, including capacity planning and policy optimization. He’ll talk about how to right-size your HPC infrastructure and he’ll demonstrate the all-new workload simulator in Altair Control™ — a digital twin for your datacenter. Control’s scheduling simulator runs tens of times faster than real-time testing, with minimal up-front configuration and significantly lower cost. Plus you get the confidence of knowing it’s built using the industry-leading Altair PBS Professional™ scheduler. Now you can measure real-world impact in advance of change


Leverage the Cloud to Augment Your HPC Power

Productivity drops when users are waiting in long job queues. With seamless cloud bursting, you can scale up during peak times and enable flexible capacity to meet business needs. Join Altair HPC and CAE expert Ian Littlewood to find out how cloud bursting can help your organization. He demonstrates bursting to the cloud with Altair Control™ — a good choice for those with limited on-premises resources. Participants will get answers to questions including: Why burst to the cloud? What do I need to burst to the cloud? How do I configure cloud bursting? What does an automated burst look like? How does this affect the user experience? (Tip: It doesn’t) What does a job and data lifecycle look like? Which cloud use cases are supported? What controls are available for cloud bursting? How do we decide on cloud burstable workload? What is our license model? During the webinar, you’ll hear about node bursting and unbursting, how to configure cloud bursting, and managing the job lifecycle with tools like Altair Access™ and Altair PBS Professional™ — both part of the Altair PBS Works™ workload management suite. You’ll also learn about bursting on various HPC architectures including premises-to-cloud and cloud-to-cloud, and how you can change cloud providers in minutes, with a few simple clicks. Submit the form to view the webinar recording.


Hybrid Cloud Bursting with Altair Control

Organizations with limited on-premises resources can boost their computing capabilities with automated cloud bursting. See how in this Altair Control demo video.

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Digital Twin

Digital Twin Pavan Kumar, Sr. Vice President-Global Indirect Business & P K Thukaram, Advisor - Heavy Engineering, Altair

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Altair Control Datasheet

Manage, optimize, and forecast your high-performance computing resources with Control, an easy-to-use web application for monitoring and managing jobs and nodes in an HPC environment. Control has seamless cloud bursting capabilities, along with advanced analytics and what-if analysis to support data-driven planning and decision-making.


Introduction to Altair Control

Altair Control is an easy-to-use web application for monitoring and managing jobs and nodes in a high-performance computing (HPC) environment. Altair Control has seamless cloud bursting capabilities, along with advanced analytics to support data-driven planning and decision-making. Administrators can perform what-if analysis using workload simulation to determine the most productive way to scale an HPC system's resources and manage cloud appliances.

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Altair Control - Analyze and Simulate HPC Workloads for Intelligent Resource Expansion

Altair Control Product Demonstration

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Altair Control - Manage and Optimize HPC Resources with Advanced Monitoring, Budgeting, and Cloud Bursting Tools

Altair Control Product Demonstration

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