Available Modules


  • The input data file is a finite element model in NASTRAN format
  • Identifies all locations in a model where joints must be created
  • Updates automatically the connectivity of the elements in the finite element model in order to create new nodes and the associated joints
  • Generates a new finite element data file with the joints placed in it

EFEA Solver:

  • The data file created by the Pre-EFEA provides the basis for the EFEA analysis
  • Computes structural vibration and if acoustic spaces are included in the model it computes the interior noise levels as well
  • Generates results in NASTRAN format in order to be viewed by a pre and post-processor

Hybrid FEA: It combines conventional FEA with the EFEA for conducting mid-frequency structure borne simulations.

Modules Not Currently Available Through the APA

EFEA capability to model exterior fluid: This capability is useful when radiation in the exterior domain is of interest or when the presence of the exterior fluid affects the dynamic characteristics of the structure. It has been de-activated in the HWPA in order to avoid export control issues.

Energy Bound Element Analysis (EBEA): It is an energy based boundary element analysis code. It is useful for computing the exterior acoustic loading on a structure due to an exterior acoustic source.

Products Not Currently Available Through the APA

DST: Decision Support Toolkit.

EBEA: Blast Event Simulation.