Webinar: Your Global Partner to Boost Electrification Projects

The path towards electrification requires significant investment, changes to technologies, development processes and even organizational structures. This introductory webinar will reveal Altair's simulation- and data-driven design tools to accelerate all electrification projects by helping to make good decisions early. The session will cover solutions for the design of the various parts of electric drive systems, from the battery to the wheels; while considering system integration and the architecture changes that must be made at vehicle level to build innovative energy efficient electric mobility solutions.


Enabling Future e-Powertrain Development

Lars Fredriksson introduces Altair development support strategies for e-mobility and provides examples to showcase how these strategies help companies develop e-powertrain systems with an increased level of innovation in reduced time.


Leveraging Convergence to Build End-to-End Smart Ecosystems

Smart ecosystems span a variety of industries, technologies, and applications. They provide the backbone for operational innovation, efficiency, futureproofing, sustainability, and autonomy. Smart ecosystems harness the convergence of many technologies, and generally utilize data gathered from multiple sources to optimize operations, processes, systems, and products. The evolving built-to-specs smart energy management ecosystem is a prime example of technology convergence – it maximizes artificial intelligence (AI), data analytics, and Internet of Things (IoT) technology create sustainable energy platforms. These smart platforms are more efficient when generating, distributing, and using energy, which brings them closer to net-zero emissions and reduces their environmental footprint.

Use Cases

Meet Your Motor Control Design Goals and Program Deadlines

Learn how to reduce motor control code development time with Altair Embed and STMicroelectronics. Embed provides ready-to-use libraries for motor control strategies combined with a fast debugging capability. The visual environment uses block diagrams to design, simulate, analyze, and automatically generate efficient code that can be downloaded, executed, and validated directly on target hardware. Deep support for the on-chip peripherals of the STM32 family of 32-bit microcontrollers reduces errors and iterations while lowering costs.


Bringing the Future Faster Through Innovation and Analysis, by American Axle & Manufacturing (AAM)

AAM has been providing mechanical drivelines to automotive customers for more than 25 years. As the automobile transitions to electrification, so too must the driveline. AAM has developed a suite of innovative, lightweight, compact and cost-optimized electric drive units and electric beam axles to meet the growing global technology demand as electric vehicles continue to expand over the next decade. Engineering simulation, optimization and validation tools were significant enablers to increase the validation confidence and reduce the time to market for these new products.

Future.Industry 2021

Altair for Electronic System Design (ESD)

Electronic system design (ESD) is having a greater influence on almost every type of product requiring new simulation tools to help achieve electronic, electrical, mechanical, thermal, and connectivity goals. Altair’s simulation-driven design tools enable your team of specialized engineers to collaborate across all aspects of printed circuit board development from concept to manufacturing. Our products streamline your process, eliminate design iterations, and reduce time-to-market.


Guide to Electronic System Development

Manufacturers today are tasked with designing smart, connected products at a breakneck pace to stay ahead of the competition. As performance demands continually increase, packaging sizes become smaller, and device connectivity becomes more critical, schematic engineers and product designers need ways to make efficient design decisions and collaborate with one another to optimize complex interconnected mechanical and electromagnetic systems. To develop the next generation of smart products, organizations are turning simulation to improve device performance and drive profitability.


The Future of Smart Devices

Pete Darnell, Vice President, Software Development at Altair discusses why embedded development tools must track the ever-increasing complexity and feature set of microcontrollers as well as demands from new markets like the Cloud based “Internet of Things”. He looks at trends in the microcontroller space and discusses how block diagram model-based development tools can be used to abstract these changes to ease firmware development. He also looks at the thing side of IoT and the challenges of power management to extend battery life and what it will take to provide secure over-the-air firmware updates. The recording is about 19 minutes long, and was presented at the 2020 Global Altair Technology conference.

Global ATC 2020

Human Plus Machine: How Sarcos is Revolutionizing the Future of Work with Industrial Robotics

With the prospect of increasing labor shortages among a wide variety of industries, combined with the significant costs of occupational injuries and the ever-increasing pressure to increase productivity, leading robotics company, Sarcos is in a unique position to deploy industrial robotics designed to increase productivity while eliminating injuries, by augmenting rather than replacing human workers. Chris Beaufait, COO of Sarcos, discusses the current robotics landscape, why automation is not the right solution to the problems industries are facing, how Sarcos and its product lineup - including the full body, fully powered Guardian XO exoskeleton - will play a critical role in defining the workforce of tomorrow, and his vision for the robotics industry over the next five to 10 years.

Conference Presentations

Physics-based Cell and Pack Models for System Simulation

Sendyne, part of the Altair Partner Alliance, provides a virtual, physics-based battery model called CellMod Virtual Battery for real-time co-simulation for individual cells and packs. This presentation provides a brief overview of the battery model and benefits as well as an example of system simulation using Altair Activate using the Functional Mock-up Interface standard for co-simulation.

Conference Presentations

System Modelling for Electric Vehicles

Electric Vehicles (EV) are complex systems and need to be connected, automated, lighter & smarter all at once. This calls for systems engineering where different systems are seen whole instead of in silos. Experience e-Mobility Simulation using Altair Model-Based System simulation solutions with real-time motor controller implementation on HIL (Hardware in the loop) with the micro-controller. Its intuitive block diagram environment allows users to model and simulate continuous and discrete dynamical systems, mix signal-based, physical modeling and Co-simulation with electro-magnetic & multi-body dynamics. End to end system-level virtual simulation for complete e-Mobility is made possible.


Sensorless AC Motor Control

Webinar from Prof. Dr. D.W.J. Pulle


The Wahoo KICKR Bike: Designing a Ride Experience that Blurs the Line Between Virtual and Reality

As more products enter the market that simulate real world experiences, consumers' expectations are rapidly increasing. To meet these rising expectations the hardware and controls required are becoming more complex while maintaining time to market and cost. To achieve this, efficiencies are required in the control’s development and hardware tools chains. Wahoo Fitness and Altair collaborated to create the new Wahoo KICKR Bike utilizing a Model-Based Design approach to controls development combined with a simulation driven design process to meet the high expectations of the bike trainer community.

Conference Presentations

Altair Embed Digital Power Intro

Introduction playlist to Altair Embed digital power

Training Materials, Tutorials

Buck Converter Series

Playlist on Buck Converters with Altair Embed

Training Materials, Tutorials

PMSM Series

Altair Embed playlist-PMSM

Training Materials, Tutorials

Controlling LED's Playlist

Playlist on controlling LED's with Altair Embed

Training Materials, Tutorials

Embed Plot Blocks Series

Playlist on Plot Blocks with Embed

Training Materials, Tutorials

Delays, Counters, & Discrete Integrators Playlist

Playlist on delays, counters, & discrete integrator with Altair Embed

Training Materials, Tutorials

Fixed Point Series

Fixed point playlist with Altair Embed

Training Materials, Tutorials

Altair Embed Arduino Series

Embed playlist on Arduino

Training Materials, Tutorials

Embed Drone Control Series

Playlist on Altair Embed-Drone control

Training Materials, Tutorials

Altair Embed - Salient PM Motor Control Series

Playlist on Altair Embed Salient motor control

Training Materials, Tutorials

Altair Embed - Unit Delay, Pulse Counter, and Discrete Integrator

Use of the Unit Delay, modeling a pulse counter, and modeling a discrete backwards rectangular integrator.

Quick Start

Altair Embed - Discrete Reset Integrator, Merge, & CrossDetect Blocks

Understanding the Merge and CrossDetect blocks, adding an Embed model to the Embed MenuBar, modeling a discrete reset integrator.

Quick Start

Altair Embed - Fixed Point - Fundamentals Part 1

Description and use of fixed point blocksets, block properties, blockset configuration tool and displaying fixed point overflow messages and watermarks.

Quick Start

Altair Embed - Fixed Point - Fundamentals Part 2

Application of fixed point autoscale feature and attributes of automatically generated fixed point C-code

Quick Start

Altair Embed - Fixed Point - Filters

Use of the transfer function block and filter design option to design, discretize and implement a second order low pass filter. Adjusting the discrete stepsize and fixed point format for acceptable performance are covered.

Quick Start

Altair Embed - Controlling LEDs - Basics

Blink the red LED on a Texas Instruments F28069M LaunchPad board at 0.5Hz. The model is expanded to blink the red and blue LEDs alternately at 0.5 Hz and then at 10Hz.

Quick Start

Altair Embed - Controlling LEDs - Frequency Controlled

Example of host-to-target communication to blink the red LED on the target Texas Instrument F28069M LaunchPad Development Kit using an Embed slider block.

Quick Start

Altair Embed - Controlling LEDs - Frequency Controlled With "On Time" Measurement

Host-to/from-target communication to blink the red LED on the Target Texas Instrument F28069M LaunchPad Development Kit

Quick Start

Altair Embed - Compound Blocks - Basics

Create compound blocks to add levels to your model; navigate through your model; add/remove compound block connector pins; use compound block dialog constants and dialog windows; access and use built in variables

Quick Start

Altair Embed - Compound Blocks - Advanced

Discussion of two compound block features; Enabled Execution and Local Time Step. Additionally, the Local Time Step feature is applied to implement the block diagram equivalent of a "For" loop to iteratively solve a nonlinear implicit equation.

Quick Start

Altair Embed - Oscilloscope Display Using Monitor Buffer

High speed data collection using the EMBED Monitor Buffer Read and Write blocks, using the plot block to display Monitor Buffer data, displaying the % CPU usage using the Target Interface Block, and controlling the Target update time.

Quick Start

Altair Embed - Plot & Buffer Blocks

Creating vectors using the Embed “buffer” block, and configuring and using the “plot” block to display “buffer” data.

Quick Start

Altair Embed - Digital Power Buck Converter Control

Voltage Mode Control

Quick Start

Altair Embed - Texas Instruments CCS Software Installation

Step by Step instructions to install the Texas Instruments Code Composer Studio and Uniflash software on your computer.

Quick Start

Altair Embed - Furuta Inverted Pendulum Control

Apply the Model -Based Development process to the design, test, and HIL testing of a swing up and balance controller for the Furuta inverted rotary pendulum.

Quick Start

Altair Embed - Add a Model to the Embed Menubar

A binary hysteresis model is developed and simulated. The model is added to the Embed Menubar under a new menu named MyModels.

Quick Start

Altair Embed - Encoders

Configure and read a US Digital S4T 4 wire quadrature incremental encoder connected to a Texas Instrument F28069M LaunchPad board.

Quick Start

Altair Embed - Digital Power - Simulation Blockset overview

Brief overview of the simulation blockset of the Digital Power Designer. In this video we look into and analyze a selection of bocks used for simulation (Compensators, PWM simulation, Voltage Mode Control simulation, Buck Converter).

Quick Start

Altair Embed - Digital Power - Coefficient Conversion

Select/tune the coefficients of a PID compensator. Users can calculate the digital coefficients from the analog component values or can tune the coefficients on the fly.

Quick Start

Altair Embed - Digital Power - Model Based Frequency Response Analysis

Details of the new block of the Digital Power Designer which lets user do a frequency response analysis.

Quick Start

Altair Embed - Digital Power - Code Generable

Simulate blocks of the Digital Power Designer which can be later used for code generation to download to a microcontroller. These blocks can be both simulated and used for code generation without any alterations.

Quick Start

Altair Embed - Buck Converters - Simulation

Simulation of the control system in order to analyze the response of the buck converter in voltage mode control. The microcontroller peripherals which are needed are simulated using the peripheral simulation blocks of the Digital Power Designer.

Quick Start

Altair Embed - Buck Converters - Compensator Coefficient Tuning

The buck converter is simulated with the coeffiecients of the compensator being the inputs. This gives us the opportunity to better tune the coefficients based on the response of the converter.

Quick Start

Altair Embed - Buck Converters - Open Loop

We take the first step to control the actual converter. We run a hardware in the loop diagram in open loop.

Quick Start

Altair Embed - Buck Converters - Closed Loop Model Design and Compilation

We look into the design of the model for closed loop control of the buck converter and look into the compilation of the model with just 3 clicks.

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