Altair® HyperView®

Comprehensive CAE Post-processing and Engineering Data Visualization

HyperView and Altair® HyperGraph® improve engineering productivity through process automation, report creation, and an extendable user interface.

HyperView is a complete post-processing and visualization environment for finite-element analysis (FEA), multi-body system (MBS) simulation, digital video, and test data. Amazingly fast 3D graphics and unparalleled functionality set a new standard for speed and integration of CAE results post-processing.

HyperGraph® is a powerful data analysis and plotting tool with interfaces to many popular file formats. Its intuitive interface and sophisticated math engine make it easy to process even the most complex mathematical expressions. HyperGraph combines these features with high-quality presentation output and customization capabilities to create a complete data analysis system for any organization.

Why HyperView?

Comprehensive CAE Post-processing

The complete visualization environment for FEA, CFD, and MBD simulation data that supports CAE solver results files and major test data formats.

Faster Results Comparison

Multi-page and multi-window post-processing and visualization enables efficient data comparison between design iterations, or simulation and test data.

Automated Report Generation

Easy creation of templates for efficient evaluation of standard results with fully automated PowerPoint report generation with animations.

Key Features

Specialized Post-processing

In addition to general functionality specific capabilities for aerospace, CFD, composites, manufacturing, and automotive NVH and safety results are standard.

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Broader Solver Support

Built for Altair's solver portfolio, and others including Abaqus, Adams, ADVC, ANSYS, DADS, LLNL DYNA, LS-DYNA, MADYMO, MARC, Nastran, nCode, NIKE3D, PAM-CRASH, and SIMPACK.

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Reads Over 130 Data Formats

Import Altair formats plus ASAM-ODS, DATX, DIAdem, Excel (.csv), HDF5, ISO 6487, MME (ISO/TS 13499), Multi-column ASCII, RPC-3, UFF 58, XRF, xy-data files, and many more.

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Synchronize Multiple Data Types

Synchronize and visualize multiple CAE results in a single window and overlay physical test video and data on to simulation models.

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Automatic Plot Builder

Generates fully annotated XY plots, polar plots, bar charts and complex plots directly from engineering data with assigned axes, header, footer, legend, and curve properties.

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Create plot macros, insert custom pull-down menus, build import/export templates, and add custom math functions with a programmable command layer extended by Altair® Compose®.

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