Guide to Consumer Electronics Design and Packaging

To get a beautifully designed electronic product safely delivered to your customer, the work must start at the product design phase. Leveraging simulation-driven design, manufacturers are gaining greater insight and control over the development of innovative products, consistent manufacturing processes, and cost-effective, sustainable packaging.


Accelerate Decision-Making with GPUs

Harnessing the computational capabilities of the graphics processing unit (GPU) is one of the cornerstones of Altair's mission to empower its customers. First and foremost, utilizing GPUs to accelerate numerical simulation delivers significant increases in speed and therefore, throughput. That means more opportunities to explore and fine-tune designs, faster decision-making based on more accurate results, and consequently the prospect of considerable reductions in time to market. In addition, creativity is enhanced, with more vivid, realistic and accurate rendering and visualization put within easier reach.

Product Overview Videos

Inspire Studio: Designing a Measuring Cup, Part 5

In the fifth and last episode of designing a measuring cup series, we finalize the design and create some photorealist renderings of the product, selecting and customizing materials from the library and editing the environment. Learn more and get a free trial license at

Use Cases

Inspire Render - Rendering

Overview of Materials, Environments, and Darkroom.

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