Irazu by Geomechanica Inc.

Innovation Through Simulation

Irazu is a versatile 2D/3D finite-discrete element software package for the analysis of large deformations, fracturing, and stability in rock masses.

The integration of various multiphysics solvers and advanced features into a single software package enables Irazu to be used for a wide range of engineering applications, including but not limited to excavations, slope stability, tunneling, dynamic analysis, mining, and reservoir geomechanics. Irazu comes with extensive tutorial, theory, and verification manuals.

Why Irazu?

High Performance Computing

Less modelling assumptions produce higher fidelity results at impressive computational speeds thanks to cutting-edge Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) computing capabilities.

Multiphysics Solvers

Simulate coupled fracturing, mechanical, hydraulic, and thermal processes with realistic rock mass representation.

A Single Software Package

Meet all of your geomechanical simulation needs with mixed FEM+DEM formulations.

Key Features

Mechanical Solver

Finite-element and discrete-element solvers model rock deformation and interaction of discrete bodies.

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Fracture Solver

Model fracture initiation and growth in brittle materials like rock, concrete, cement, glass, bones, and ice.

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Hydraulic Solver

Model fluid flow in the matrix using the hydraulic solver.

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Thermal Solver

The thermal solver provides modeling of thermal stresses and fracturing.

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