Maple by Maplesoft

General Purpose Tool for Math, Data Analysis, Visualization, and Programming

Maple is a general purpose tool for math, data analysis, visualization, and programming. It contains thousands of specialized functions that span all areas of engineering.

Are you working with equations? Analyzing data? Doing calculations on paper? Rearranging formulas by hand? Using Excel to do engineering calculations? Using Mathcad, MATLAB or Mathematica creating design sheets? Creating user interfaces for engineering calculations? If so, then Maple is for you. Maple has the world’s most advanced math engine and is a complete rapid solution development environment for technical organizations. If you touch math, you need Maple.

Maple Overview Video

Why Maple?

Powerful Mathematical Tool

Maple can handle all your mathematical needs, from simple calculations to advanced computations, visualizations, data analysis, and algorithm development.

Calculation Management Environment

With Maple, you can easily validate, document, retain, reuse, and modify your calculations, reducing risk while saving time and effort now and later.

Built-in Functions for Every Engineer

Over 5,000 functions cover virtually every area of engineering, including differential equations, data analysis, optimization, fluid, and chemical properties.

Key Features

Natural Math Notation

Mathematical expressions are displayed in standard notation, so they are easy to interpret and any mistakes made when entering the problem are simple to spot.

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Deployment Options

Multiple deployment options are available for making your Maple documents and interactive applications available to others, even if they do not have Maple.

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World-Class Symbolic and Numeric Engine

World-leading symbolic and numeric algorithms for finding solutions that are beyond the reach of any other software system.

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Fully Integrated Units

Full support for units that flow through parameter definitions, analysis, and results, so you can focus on what matters during development.

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Extensive Connectivity Options

Numerous connectivity features, including extensive import/export facilities, optimized code generation, connectivity to MATLAB and Excel, and more.

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Visualization for Engineers

Extensive collection of customizable 2-D and 3-D plots and animations, covering virtually every area of engineering.

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