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Altair's Software Enhances The Design Of Transportation

Forbes Online Article - 7/22/2014 By Amit Chowdhry, Contributor Altair is one of the few companies in the world that focuses on topology optimization. With more than 3,000 clients and 1,800 employees, Altair generated around $240 million in 2012. Its bone-based software is used for optimizing the design of millions of automotive vehicles and aircraft.

For example, Airbus used Altair’s software to drop one thousand pounds from the A380 by redesigning 13 wing ribs. Some of Altair’s offerings include:
  • Engineering simulation software
  • Software for computing on-demand
  • Enterprise analytics solutions
  • Product design services
  • Industrial design & styling software
  • Solid-state lighting products

The idea behind Altair’s software was inspired by the meeting of Altair CEO James Scapa, CTO Jim Brancheau and CMO Jeff Brennan. Scapa and Brancheau met Brennan in a lab at the University of Michigan where Brennan was studying how human bones grow.

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Amit Chowdhry is a Contributor at Forbes and covers noteworthy technology, startups, and gadgets.