Altair Simulation 2021

Altair Simulation 2021

Altair's much anticipated 2021 simulation software release is here! In addition to accelerated simulation of real-world product performance and expanded simulation-driven design for manufacturing functionality, this release brings a robust end-to-end electronic system design toolset to our customers. The latest updates to our simulation solutions enable customers to develop complex products more profitably by simulating 5G connectivity, electronic board level performance, modern manufacturing processes, and more.

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End-to-end Electronic System Design

Altair’s new electronic system design toolset enables engineers developing smart, connected devices to collaborate on all aspects of physical, logical, thermal, electrical, and mechanical design. This accelerates a variety of applications, from more efficient printed circuit board (PCB) design review, verification, analysis, and manufacture to the design of motors, sensors, and actuators with simulation.

"PollEx PCB Verification solution was initially adopted to reduce manufacturing defects and human errors of engineers, and thanks to it we could significantly reduce development and manufacturing costs."

– JungWon Lee, Chief Researcher, Samsung SDI | Read Story


Notable updates include:

Improved Simulation of Real-world Product Performance

Altair’s ability to solve the most complex problems and advanced physics has expanded while delivering improved performance on GPU and CPU hardware on desktops, private, public, and hybrid-cloud environments.

"To us, Altair SimSolid means efficiency. While the software quickly provides accurate simulation and optimization in one step it does not require any expert knowledge. No expertise in analysis is necessary and especially no meshing is required."

– Anthony Reullierm, Digital Simulation Specialist and CAE Leader, Renault | Read Story


This faster, more accurate simulation of real-world product performance is addressed through these updates:

Expanded Simulation-driven Design for Manufacturing (SDfM)

Altair pioneered SDfM, bringing manufacturing simulation into the earliest stages of concept design with fast, accurate solvers and intuitive interfaces. The expanding functionality of Altair’s SDfM offering now spans casting, stamping, molding, extrusion, additive, and foaming. Additionally, Altair simulation solutions are increasingly used in process manufacturing during research, development, and process improvement in industries that produce bulk quantities of goods, including pharmaceuticals, food, cosmetics, and chemicals.

"We are very pleased with the results – using Altair Inspire we could set up a process that helped us to achieve a topologically optimized UAV frame showing even better results than the benchmark. Without Altair and their tools, we would not have been able to leverage the full potential of additive manufacturing in the aerospace industry."

– Jacobus Prinsloo, Operations Manager, Aeroswift | Read Story


  • Inspire Mold™ is rapidly becoming the industry benchmark for injection molding simulation in the early stages of product design.
  • Inspire PolyFoam™ simulates the molding of foam components and rigid foam panels with polyurethane foams used in a wide range of industrial and household applications.
  • All simulation products are supported by the new Altair Material Data Center, which includes the largest number of plastic materials and properties available on the market.

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