Release Date Title
25/09/2019 Altair Adds Battery System Simulation Software to the Altair Partner Alliance to Support Advanced Electric Vehicle Battery Systems Design
27/06/2019 Altair Announces 2019 Global Technology Conference to be Held in Detroit
10/06/2019 Altair Brings Powerful Design and Engineering Software to Broader Community with the Release of Altair HyperWorks 2019
01/04/2019 Altair Acquires Cambridge Collaborative’s SEAM® Software; Expanding Solver Portfolio
20/03/2019 Altair OptiStruct™ Runs up to 10x Faster on NVIDIA GPUs
17/10/2018 Altair Acquires SIMSOLID
02/10/2018 Altair and Ziegler Instruments Collaborate to Create Unique Solution for Squeak and Rattle Prevention
29/08/2018 Altair Introduces a Disruptive New Licensing Model for the solidThinking Software Suite
07/05/2018 GE and Altair Sign Agreement for Exclusive Distribution of GE’s Flow Simulator Software
25/04/2018 Altair Reinvents the Cloud High-Performance Computing Experience with the Release of PBS Works 2018
18/04/2018 2018 Global Altair Technology Conference to be held in Paris, France
11/01/2018 Altair Partner Alliance Expands Software Offering in 2017, Growth to Continue in 2018
14/11/2017 Altair and Quanta Cloud Technology Collaborate to Bring Unparalleled Customer Value to the HPC Market
14/09/2017 Acquisition of Componeering Extends Altair’s Leadership in Composites Simulation
12/07/2017 Altair simplifica el acceso al HPC en la nube a través de
21/06/2017 Altair tiene una visión audaz para liderar el Internet de las Cosas (IoT) y el PLM: Adquiere Carriots® y su aclamada Plataforma IoT
13/06/2017 PLD Space, startup especializada en la fabricación de cohetes reutilizables para satélites de pequeño tamaño, ya trabaja con las herramientas de simulación de Altair
01/06/2017 Altair lanza FluxMotor, una herramienta que ofrece un rendimiento e-machine mucho más rápido y preciso
31/05/2017 Learn from the Best: Full agenda with Eminent Speakers Announced for Altair’s 9th European ATC in Germany
24/05/2017 Altair adquiere MODELiiS, herramienta líder Tecnología para la Automatización de Diseño Electrónico
17/05/2017 Artemis Racing y Altair trabajan juntos en el diseño e implementación de tecnología de sustentación dinámica para la 35º edición de La Copa América de vela
09/05/2017 La última versión de Flux abre la puerta a la optimización multidisciplinar para el diseño en ingeniería eléctrica
07/03/2017 Altair HyperWorks® 2017 Released; Comprehensive Simulation Platform for Innovation™
10/01/2017 Altair gana el “Airbus Benchmarking Competition”: HyperMesh® y HyperView® se convierten en las herramientas de pre y postproceso utilizadas por Airbus
15/11/2016 Intel® HPC Orchestrator to Include PBS Pro for Workload Management
14/11/2016 Announcing Altair PBS Cloud™ - Altair’s Latest Technology to Further HPC Appliance Solutions
06/10/2016 Altair signs IPM Solutions Ltd. as new HyperWorks Reseller in Slovakia
27/09/2016 Fast, Easy, Accurate and Affordable; solidThinking Releases Click2Cast® 4.0
14/09/2016 Altair Acquires Solid Iris Technologies, Leader in Photorealistic Rendering and Visualization
29/06/2016 Altair Enlighten Award Nominations are in for 2016
16/06/2016 OpenHPC Releases Initial Software Stack and Establishes Leadership
23/07/2015 Why do smaller companies shun HPC?
23/07/2015 Altair Interview with Computerworld India
21/07/2015 Altair Moves forward with PBS Pro 13 at ISC 2015
27/05/2015 Altair Interview with CIO Asia
12/01/2015 CHPC Using PBS Profession to Fully Utilize Systems
08/12/2014 Display Manager Saves Workflow Time at Ping Golf
24/11/2014 Altair to Showcase Cloud Technology for Virtual Design and Engineering
23/09/2014 Luxury Mobile Phone Manufacturer, Vertu, Selects Altair’s HyperWorks Unlimited™ Plug-and-Play Private Cloud Solution for Computer-Aided Engineering
15/09/2014 Altair Honored with 11 Nominations in HPCwire Readers’ Choice Awards
05/08/2014 Nominate Altair for an HPCwire Readers’ Choice Award
22/07/2014 Altair's Software Enhances The Design Of Transportation
24/06/2014 Altair and EM Software & Systems – S.A. (EMSS) Close Deal
01/03/2014 Tesla Breaks the Simulation Bottleneck
13/02/2014 Bone-Based Software Improves How We Design, From Detergent To Tanks
29/01/2014 solidThinking Inspire® 9.5 Finalist for 2013 Golden Mousetrap Award
28/01/2014 New Channel Partners Added to Support Expansion of solidThinking Inspire® and solidThinking Evolve® Usage Worldwide
19/12/2013 Altair Continues to Gain Competitive Edge with Addition of Electromagnetic Analysis Software from JSOL
21/11/2013 Partner Alliance Adds Matereality Software to Help HyperWorks Users Manage and Use Material Data in PLM
17/10/2013 Power Versus Performance
24/09/2013 Altair Pushes CAE Boundaries with Private Cloud Appliance
13/09/2013 Altair Transforms HPC Into A Turnkey Appliance
17/07/2013 Altair’s Compute Manager 12.0 Scales Beyond 500 Concurrent Users and 500,000 Jobs, Managing Big Data from HPC Faster
05/04/2013 Digging for Black Gold: The oil and gas industry pushes HPC capabilities to their limits
28/03/2013 Troy Company Bringing LED Office Lighting To Mass Market
07/03/2013 Software helps you design for 3D printing manufacturability
13/02/2013 Bone-Based Software Improves How We Design, From Detergent To Tanks
11/01/2013 Engineers Bring Processes of Nature to Design
07/12/2012 Innovating in the Cloud
01/11/2012 Cloud Computing Accelerates Design
30/10/2012 Altair Begins Beta Testing for HyperWorks 12.0, Invites Customers to Participate
17/09/2012 Automotive Design & Production features the Altair Enlighten Award in its Sept. issue
05/09/2012 DEVELOP3D highlights Altair as a game changer in GPU computing for workstations
04/09/2012 DE’s Kenneth Wong reviews solidThinking Evolve 9.0
20/08/2012 NVIDIA features Altair’s RADIOSS solver at SIGGRAPH 2012
13/08/2012 Contest to recognize auto lightweighting efforts
13/08/2012 SolidThinking Evolves Hybrid Modeling Approach
23/07/2012 solidThinking Evolve 9.0 Brings Support for KeyShot
07/07/2012 Six Tools Put New Twist on Business Intelligence
19/06/2012 Software Solutions to Energy Efficiency in HPC
18/06/2012 Inside a NASA Production Supercomputing Center
18/06/2012 Inside a NASA Production Supercomputing Center
07/06/2012 Altair, Buses and Astronauts
24/04/2012 Altair expands its reach with easy to license third party software
24/04/2012 Altair Ranked One of the Top Five Performing Design Software Brands in the Electronics Industry
11/04/2012 Hardware or Cloudware?
05/04/2012 Altair 2012 Americas HyperWorks Technology Conference Will Feature Veteran Astronaut T.K. Mattingly and Highlight Technology Innovation in Aerospace
16/03/2012 Needs Change, Materials Change, Composites Grow
29/02/2012 Altair's Compute Manager featured in InsideHPC's Weekly Podcast
21/02/2012 Altair Releases New Version of Its Industry-Leading AcuSolve CFD Simulation Tool
20/02/2012 HPC in 2012: What Does the Year Ahead Hold in the HPC Market?
26/01/2012 Caterham Composites Enters Strategic Partnership With Altair Engineering
18/01/2012 Squeezing out that Last Bit of Efficiency
08/11/2011 Value of the Unit Reaches New Heights as the HWPA Expands its Suite of On-Demand Partner Applications
02/09/2011 solidThinking Offers Designers a Sneak Peek of Its Upcoming Release at the 2011 IDSA International Conference, Sept. 14-17 in New Orleans
27/07/2011 PBS Professional Looks Out 20 Years on Scalability
30/06/2011 CMC Expands CAE’s Role in Automotive Development on Altair’s HyperWorks Platform
22/06/2011 Altair Releases HyperWorks 11.0, Creating the Most Comprehensive Open-Architecture CAE Solution in Engineering
19/05/2011 A New Generation of Smarter, Not Faster, Supercomputers
08/02/2011 Altair to Introduce AcuSolve to HyperWorks Community at 2011 Americas HyperWorks Technology Conference in Orlando
24/01/2011 Pioneering Engineering firm Gordon Murray Design selects HyperWorks to develop the T.25 City Car
08/12/2010 PBS Professional Featured in Desktop Engineering's Editor's Pick of the Week
20/04/2010 Michigan Solid-State Lighting Association Expands with Addition of 10 Members and Launch of New Website
11/12/2009 solidThinking Increases Its Availability in Asia by Signing SiliconStudio Korea as a Value-Added Reseller
03/11/2009 Altair Achieves Breakthrough Time Savings in Crash Simulations – RADIOSS Solves a Full Vehicle Frontal Crash Simulation with More Than One Million Elements in Less Than Five Minutes
20/08/2009 ilumisys Grants Intellectual Property License to Light Emitting Designs for LED Fluorescent Tube Replacements
03/06/2009 Altair Releases HyperWorks 10.0 with Powerful New Solver Capabilities and Technology Innovations
05/05/2009 ACUSIM joins Altair HyperWorks Enabled Community

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