Available Modules

AlphaCell, one module with the following features:

  • Air borne excitations: plane wave, diffuse field, modal sound field
  • Solid borne excitations: dynamic mechanical force, tapping machine, rain on the roof
  • Turbulent boundary layer excitation
  • Stud modeling
  • Perforated plates
  • Heterogeneous porous materials: double porosity, porous composite
  • Materials with elastic/solid/poro-elastic inclusions
  • Visco-elastic material
  • Orthotropic materials, laminate composites
  • Extended material database
  • Absorption and insulation of material parallel assembly
  • Import of arbitrary format data
  • Export of material cards and frequency data for OptiStruct
  • Scriptable execution

Products Not Currently Available Through the APA

BatCell: Stand alone software for managing standard measurements of sound insulation according to ISO 10140 series.

DBCell: Stand alone software for managing material database: • acoustic & elastic parameters • frequency spectra of performances (user defined) • datasheets and url links • external criteria (ex tearing, heat management…) and applications.

ScalingCell: Stand alone software for predicting the properties of material (compared to AlphaCell which is at a component level) •acoutical •thermal •elastical properties of porous materials from 2D or 3D micro-morphology (modeled or scanned).

RokCell: Stand alone software for providing input data to AlphaCell and characterizing the acoustic parameters of a • porous media • perforated plates, woven and non-woven and fabrics • acoustical treatments to be used in time domain model.

TubeCell: Stand alone software for managing impedance tube measurements.