Accurate Cabin Predictions - Modeling Real Automotive Parts Replaces Cost and Time-Consuming Physical Testing

Trèves Products Services & Innovation in France is one of the leading Tier-1 suppliers of noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH) reduction parts, providing full sound packages for the trunk, body, interior, and powertrain. To best meet their customer expectations, where possible, Trèves reduces part design and lead time by replacing expensive and time-consuming physical testing with numerical modeling. Traditionally, such models need real parts to account for their multi-layer arrangement and varying thickness, with readily available input parameters. They also need to be comprehensive in scope and easy to implement. Available via the Altair Partner Alliance (APA), AlphaCell from Matelys-Research Lab offers several features that meets Trèves’ needs, and have helped position Trèves to provide robust solutions to OEMs in order to achieve the next generation of pass-by noise limits.

Customer Stories

The Sound of Silence - Acoustic Analysis of a Rail Carriage Bellow using Product Alphacell

Noise reduction is an important issue when developing products and components for railway applications. Recently, Ultimate Europe had to perform an acoustic analysis of a rail carriage bellow. In addition to its own broad portfolio of simulation solutions, Altair offers a wide selection of complementary software tools through the Altair Partner Alliance (APA). With Altair’s unique, flexible licensing model customers have access to these solutions at no additional costs. Altair Units allowed Ultimate to leverage APA products and access the functionalities of AlphaCell to predict the acoustic response of the bellow. Results included reduced run time, a decrease in model set up time, and increased combined metric correlation.

Customer Stories

Lightweighting With Laminate Composites: Vibro-Acoustic Design Using AlphaCell

Laminate composites are often the answer to ever increasing lightweighting demands. While significant advances were made regarding mechanical strength, there remain a number of challenges regarding their vibro-acoustic properties. Composites are indeed lighter and stiffer, which as a result, tends to decrease their sound insulation properties at critical audible frequencies. One thus needs a thorough design of the structure to avoid acoustic comfort failure. During this webinar, a unique approach to predict the vibro-acoustic response of laminate composites will be presented. Supported by short computational times and high fidelity predictions, this new feature of AlphaCell enables to optimize the design at an early stage of the project. In addition to accurate predictions, this model further enables to reduce the computational cost in FE analyzes by providing material cards with condensed properties. Presenter: François-Xavier Bécot | Director and Executive Co-Manager, Matelys Featuring AlphaCell by Matelys, available through the Altair Partner Alliance.


The Future of NVH Simulations

François-Xavier Bécot from MATELYS Research Lab, an APA partner, discusses the future of NVH simulations.


AlphaCell User Testimonials

See what users have to say about their experience with AlphaCell.


Experience the Sound of Your Future EV Before it is Built

Achieving the targeted brand image in a short development cycle time with minimal or zero prototypes is a major challenge faced by EV companies. To overcome this challenge, Altair, HBK and Romax have jointly developed a simulation driven process coupled with capabilities to virtually experience the noise and vibration characteristics, giving engineers a way to obtain real time performance feedbacks as the vehicle is being developed. This joint presentation on the proposed NVH development process covers a wide range of topics, including benchmarking, target setting, full vehicle and motor gearbox simulation loadcases, troubleshooting, optimization and stochastic analysis, and playback of simulation results for subjective evaluations, with a number of new technologies representing the global best practice in sound and vibration design and development. Join us to explore ways to control the sound and vibration characteristics of the vehicle, achieve the right sound, and avoid common NVH pitfalls, while accelerating time to market utilizing and experiencing virtual NVH prototypes.

Conference Presentations

Matelys Showcase Video

AlphaCell for quick and accurate sound package design 


Vibro-Acoustic Response of Multi-Layer Systems: Creating a Condensed Model to Reduce Mesh Size and Calculation Time

A possible way of reducing the calculation time and mesh size in vibro acoustic response is to condense the description of multi-layer plates into a single, equivalent plate representation. The plate is then modeled using frequency dependent parameters in visco-elastic models. The webinar will present several representations of this approach applied to constrained layers, multi-layer plates as well as ribbed and stiffened plates.


Auralization Features of AlphaCell - Listening to the Efficiency of the Materials

The examples presented during the webinar will cover the cases of sound absorption and sound transmission.


Top Use Cases: AlphaCell

Presentation introducing a few of the top use cases for the NVH software, AlphaCell.

Use Cases

Quieter Products Using OptiStruct & AlphaCell: The Right Effort with the Right Tool

This webinar will present the basics of porous material modeling and user key benefits of a combined usage of OptiStruct and AlphaCell. Please note: You will need to login to Altair Connect to view this recording.


AlphaCell: Transfer Matrix Method vs Finite Element Method

Short technical demo of AlphaCell for NVH analysis regarding two separate methods of sound transmission loss computations.

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Webinar: Altair’s Solutions for Full-Vehicle NVH Analysis

An important factor in improving vehicle quality and perception is guided by how vehicles are designed for noise, vibration and harshness, making NVH an important domain for the automotive industry. Altair and its Alliance Partners offer a complete solution for automotive NVH applications. In this 45-minute webinar, we will give an overview of problems faced in the automotive industry for NVH analysis and how HyperWorks and Altair’s Partner technologies help address these issues, providing a complete solution that spans from modeling and assembly to analysis, diagnostic and optimization. Presenters: Jianmin Guan, Director, Vibration and Acoustics Solutions, Altair Vijay Ambarisha, Senior Project Engineer, ANSOL Jerry Manning, President, Cambridge Collaborative Francois-Xavier Becot, Co-manager, Matelys


AlphaCell Datasheet

Overview of key features and benefits of using AlphaCell to solve NVH problems.