Available Modules

ASC plugin/Advanced DIC: Will be available in APA by April, 2022. Contains a few features developed with ArianeGroup, notably the import of physical sensors databases (HBM "ASC" format).

Batch Mode: Command-line mode, no GUI, but calls EikoTwin DIC.

EikoTwin DIC: This is the EikoTwin DIC main program, including user interface and analysis capability.

MarksTracking Plugin: Will be available in APA by April, 2022. Allows to follow specific markets within the image.

Thermal Plugin: Allows to process IR images. This plugin is called when the user loads an IR image in the interface, which triggers the additional AU draw.

Products Not Currently Available Through the APA

EikoTwin Digital Twin: EikoTwin Digital Twin allows the engineer to improve their simulation by making the most of their test data. It implements "augmented simulations", which use the measured data as boundary conditions, but also allows the identification of material parameters to bring the simulation closer to the expected result.

EikoTwin Virtual: EikoTwin Virtual allows you to anticipate experimental difficulties by preparing completely virtual trials. The use of imaging measurement techniques on real structures is often limited by the use of cameras in complex environments. Based on the open source software Blender, EikoTwin Virtual allows to prevent these problems and to estimate future measurement errors in order to make the right choices before the test.

EikoTwin Vision: EikoTwin Vision simplifies image acquisition by giving the experimenter simple and total control over his cameras. Designed to ensure a quick start with image correlation systems, the software allows its users to efficiently manage the hardware, saving time during installation and testing.