EikoTwin Reconnects Simulations with Tests

The EikoTwin software allows to implement the test/calculation dialogue during the development of industrial mechanical products. Based on innovative image processing technologies, EikoTwin aims at bridging the gap between the real and virtual worlds. EikoTwin DIC by EikoSim is available through the Altair Partner Alliance.

Product Overview Videos

Simulation Validation Through the Prism of Optical Measurements: How to Effectively Leverage Large Amounts of Test Data

In order to develop mechanical products faster and reduce development costs, industries rely more on and more on simulations, following the Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) strategy. But to build more confidence in more refined simulation models, these models have to be backed up by a lot more real-world data, in order to avoid large design margins. This webinar is aimed at technical managers who think model validation should not inherently be a source of uncertainties and risks in the design process, and want to achieve costs and development time reduction by performing only the most relevant tests; engineers who need to build simulation credibility without spending most of their time processing strain gauge data and performing trial-and-error simulations.


Simulation Validation with EikoTwin DIC

Image analysis methods provide full-field test data that can be used to validate and improve your simulation. Using the unique method of “Model-Based testing”, EikoTwin DIC allows to measure displacements and strains of the observed parts directly on the simulation mesh. Thus, you will be able to measure all kind of loadings applied on all types of mechanical structures. The measurements obtained on EikoTwin DIC are calculated on your simulation mesh. Therefore, that allows you to easily compare your test data to your computation. Various features help you in the process of validation: importation of simulation results, creation of virtual sensors, export of results in various formats, calibration based directly on the model, 3D model window, etc…

Product Overview Videos

Bridge the Gap Between Tests and Simulation

An Introductory webinar to EikoTwin DIC by EikoSim, available through the Altair Partner Alliance. EikoTwin DIC allows image processing (digital image correlation) based on the finite element (FE) mesh of your simulation. DIC is an image processing technique that allows users to measure displacements and strains of a structure during mechanical testing. Compared to strain gages and extensometers, DIC drastically increases the amount of information gathered and the ability for the user to understand the mechanical behavior of their structure. But traditional DIC software produce a measurement of displacement and strains of a cloud of points. Thus, users often have a hard time comparing experimental data with simulation results. EikoTwin DIC is simulation-oriented, which means these displacements and strains are directly measured from the images on the FE mesh. As a result, EikoTwin DIC directly compares these deformations to those predicted by numerical simulations. Through a single test, EikoTwin DIC users are able to understand immediately how to improve their simulations, thus avoiding trial and error and wasting time.


EikoTwin DIC Top Use Cases

Use cases of EikoTwin DIC by EikoSim.

Use Cases

EikoTwin DIC Demo

Discover in this video how to use the functions of the DIC (Digital Image Correlation) software of the EikoTwin software suite.

Demo Models

EikoTwin DIC Brochure

EikoTwin DIC allows image processing (digital image correlation) based on the finite element (FE) mesh of a simulation.


EikoTwin Aerospace Case Studies

Case studies from Arianegroup and IRT Saint - Exupéry. Characterization test of a joint test piece launching Ariane 6 in collaboration with Arianegroup. Compression test on lattice structure with the IRT Saint - Exupéry.

Customer Stories

EikoTwin DIC 1.2 Demo

This video presents the last updates in EikoTwin DIC 1.2.

Demo Models

EikoTwin DIC Use Cases and Product Demo

This video showcases five use cases of EikoTwin DIC in various industries, as well as a short product demo.

Use Cases