Efficient Simulations of Thin-Walled Investment Castings

One of the really interesting things with Investment casting is that thinwalled near net shaped parts can be produced. In order to find the limits of a certain part or method casting process simulation is a really good tool. With NovaFlow&Solid one can simulate the tendency for cold flows and test different parameters in order to try to get the melt to flow longer. The meshing technology used in NovaFlow&Solid is perfect for thinwalled parts since we use the Finite Volume method in combination with irregular mesh in mold. This makes the simulations accurate at the same time as calculation speed is high. The Speech will cover also importance of shelling process for simulation, shell and casting material as well as use of for example isolation. The program can simulate super-alloys as well as different kinds of steels and aluminium.


The Future of a More Responsible Foundry Industry

Håkan Fransson from NovaCast Systems AB, an APA partner, discusses the future of a more responsible foundry industry.


Saving Time and Money with NovaFlow&Solid

Learn how Automotive Components Floby (AC Floby) saves time and money using NovaFlow&Solid.

Customer Stories

The Benefits and Hurdles of Using Shot Sleeve Simulation: A Case Study of a BMW Clutch Housing

The casting process simulation, as a tool to detect and eliminate problems in the die casting process and possible defects in the cast parts at an early stage, can be further improved by considering the processes in the shot sleeve. This will be illustrated in this webinar using an aluminium die cast part, a BMW clutch housing, with results from various shot sleeve simulations. Different procedures for dosing and the sequence of the first filling phase are compared. Important basics and influencing factors are described. Advantages and disadvantages in the casting process and consequences for the cast part quality are presented.

Case Study

NovaCast Systems Showcase Video

A short video by Hakan Fransson who highlights the casting simulation process with software application NovaFlow&Solid


Parameter and Casting Optimization

This webinar will demonstrate the possibilities and procedures to optimize a casting design by the help of casting process simulation. In combination with the simulation, we'll show how one can use what we call parameter and geometry optimization. By statistical methods and advanced analysis, one can go into the depth of the simulations to understand how you can improve the casting quality.


The Success Story of Lundbergs Pressgjuteri

Mattias Melin tool manager from AB Lundbergs Pressgjuteri uses NovaFlow&Solid to predict future challenges.

Customer Stories

NovaStress Brochure

NovaStress is an add on program to NovaFlow&Solid that calculates the stresses which occur in the casting during solidification and cooling down of the material.


Why Use Casting Simulation?

Examples of how and when casting simulation can improve designs.

Customer Stories

NovaFlow&Solid Brochure

Brochure showcasing gravity casting and high pressure die casting simulation software NovaFlow&Solid.


Simulation-Driven Casting Design

The webinar will present the basic rules of designing castings and how casting process simulation can help you design correct castings. The webinar will show examples on how to improve a casting design, what road map to follow and which parameters are most important. The traditional way of designing is to take the casting process simulation into account at the end just before the production should start, however, this webinar will show why you should do it at the very start of the designing process.


Case Study: Using Parameter Optimization

Performing parameter optimization in NovaFlow&Solid.

Case Study

NovaCast - Utilizing the Full Capability of the 6.0 Version

The webinar will provide information about the functionality and potentials using NovaFlow & Solid CV 6.0 and the new functionality in that version. It will be showing both the potential for designers of castings as well as foundry engineers.


Altair Offers Flexibility and Enhancement for Casting Process Design and Optimization

The goal of the project outlined in this paper is to get the optimal gating system (size and position of ingate) to help avoid porosity and other common defects in the produced parts, achieving the final design to begin casting the component.

Technical Document

Top Use Cases: NovaFlow&Solid

Presentation introducing a few of the top use cases for the casting simulation software, NovaFlow&Solid.

Use Cases

NovaFlow&Solid CV Use Case: Heavy Machinery

NovaFlow&Solid CV (NFS), from NovaCast, is a casting process simulation system that can simulate virtually any type of casting. NFS simulates casting components used in the heavy machinery industry, regardless of if they are small or big, simple or complex.

Use Cases

NovaFlow&Solid Product Overview Video

Short introductory video to casting simulation software by NovaCast.

Product Overview Videos

Use Casting Simulation to Optimize Product Design, Quality and Material Strength in the Production of Castings

Hakan Fransson, from NovaCast Systems expands upon how casting simulation can help optimize designs for production.


Partner Spotlight: Hakan Fransson from NovaCast

Discussion with Hakan Fransson, CEO of NovaCast, about benefits and uses for casting simulation software NovaFlow&Solid.