Available Modules

XLSE : An OMG SysML compliant software that automates the creation of system models. Requirements can be verified by tightly integrated simulation and tests.

XLSE currently supports block definition, parametric, requirement, package and internal block diagrams. Verification Blocks automatically assign parameters to cell locations, which can in turn invoke cell equations. In addition, 1D multi-physics (XL1D) dynamic models, third-party integrated simulation and imported worksheets (internal verifiers) can automatically populate the cells assigned to requirements targets. These internal verifiers can be executed directly from the SysML diagram. External verifiers, i.e. blocks that cannot use math models in the workbook to calculate MoE, can automatically generate work request emails to assigned parties. External verifiers include third party simulations and test data. Responses containing results can automatically update requirements status in the requirements table diagram.

XL1D: An internal solver which supports mechanical, thermal, electrical, controls systems and reliability building blocks, is used to solve the differential algebraic equations associated with the system model, and Excel’s graphics is used to plot the results. XL1D supports both transient and frequency domain analysis, with static or steady-state solution as a special case of transient analysis. XL1D is completely integrated with XLSE for requirements verification and parametric studies.

The APA-enabled version of XLDyn is identical to the commercial version available.