Top Use Cases: XLDyn

Presentation introducing a few of the top use cases for the model based system engineering software, XLDyn.

Use Cases

Product Design with XLDyn v2.0

XLDyn is a product development toolset perhaps better characterized as Model Based Product Development (MBPD). It provide a flexible and cost-effective software solution to bring together cross-domain product development activities using the MBSE (Model Based Systems Engineering) methodology in a fully integrated, intuitive, and easy to use tool. XLDyn can be used in all industries including Automotive, Aerospace, Defense, Medical, and Energy for the development of physical systems and controls. Learn why we say, XLDyn overcomes the “hard to use, I don’t see the benefit” objection to MBSE.


CFD for Oiling and Thermal Management of Drivetrain Components

CFD for Oiling and Thermal Management of Drivetrain Components, presented by Dr. Miloš Stanić, Product Manager at Altair during the ATCx CFD 2020.

Conference Presentations

Collaborative MBSE Product Development with XLDyn™ V2.0

Collaborative Product Development using a Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) methodology can be done without using multiple complex and non-integrated software applications. In this webinar, we will show how product development activities can be accomplished with a MBSE tool that is easy to use and performs a wide variety of product development tasks. Tasks such as managing and developing requirements, creating use cases and activity diagrams, performing simulations and FMEA, plus many other important product development activities. This enables product design through requirement development, refinement, and balancing using simulation and test data as verification and including the associated parts required to satisfy the design.


White Paper: Linking System Requirements with Product Performance for Design Balance

XLDyn® allows the product engineer to develop and track requirements associated with different verification methods, so the current project status is always available. In addition, XLDyn® has fully integrated system level Design of Experiments (DoE) that provides valuable design guidance to select the best set of parameters or parts. Even test data can be included in the DoE.

Technical Document

Partner Spotlight: XLDyn

Tom Tecco, COO, discusses Systems Engineering (SE) software, XLDyn, available through the Altair Partner Alliance.

XLDyn Quality Tools

Introduction to some of XLDyn's top capabilities for model based system modeling.


System Measure of Effectiveness with XLDyn

This example shows how XLDyn can help balance designs in terms of quality, cost and time to market with system MoE.

Customer Stories

Meet System Requirements with Internal and External Verification with XLDyn

This use case shows how XLDyn can provide visibility in early vehicle development to better meet project requirements.

Customer Stories